Consulting and Sensors


Looking for a jump start? Let ChippSoft fill in the holes for your company. Use our field proven solutions to start ahead and avoid the scrapping costly startup cycle. We can provide the base so you can stretch your budget and focus on what makes your product unique.

Hardware Design

Hardware design is expensive and slow. In today’s market, there are many off the shelf products that may meet your needs. Finding a design firm or full time employee takes time and is costly. ChippSoft hardware partners have proven boards and we have proven firmware on those boards to get you to market quicker.


Need to augment your team? Let us provide you with consulting staff that are specialized in your particular product line. In today’s market, companies need to move quickly with limited resources. This usually means less people to do the work. ChippSoft has the talent and offerings to make an impact in your company. As an outside firm we can take a look and provide you with a detailed review.